Revision of the Car Labelling Directive

To help drivers make a well-informed purchase decision based on fuel consumption, the Car Labelling Directive requires car dealers and manufacturers to provide relevant information to consumers.

This includes a label showing a car’s CO2 emissions and fuel consumption which is attached on or near all new cars at the point of sale. The design of these labels is defined at national level, but they all contain the CO2 values or fuel consumption from the lab test that are on the car’s official certificate of conformity.

Policy recommendations

  • Bearing in mind the complexity of the changes due to the WLTP requirements and the fact that the Directive is outdated, the EU auto industry suggests that the Car Labelling Directive is revised once the transition to WLTP has been completed.
  • Given the diverse requirements across Europe today, in practice there are 28 different labels in the EU. The revision of the Directive should strengthen the harmonisation of consumer information requirements across the EU.

Will my fuel consumption increase under WLTP?

The NEDC value of a car suddenly increased, what happened?

The same car suddenly has two different CO2 values, why is this?

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